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Solid Seal High Performance Butterfly Valve Series 5200

SIZE RANGE: 2”~64”(DN100~DN1600)
PRESSURE RATINGS: 150Lb,300Lb,600Lb,900Lb,1500Lb(PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100,PN160,PN250)
CONNECTION: Double flange / Lug / Wafer
OPERATION: Manual  / Worm gear / Pneumatic actuator  / Electric actuator
BODY SEAT MATERIALS: SS316 / Inconel 625
APPLICATIOAN: Oil&gas / Industry of fine chemicals / Offshore drilling platform / Air separation

 • Bi-directional seal • Renewable seal • metal to metal seal • Low leakage packing •
Bi-directional seal: Bi-directional sealing to guarantee zero leakage
Renewable seal: Sealing ring can be respectively maintained and replaced after accidental damageThis replaceable Seal ring allows for a dependable tight seal and a longer service life.
metal to metal seal: This configuration also subjects the gasket to excessive creep which can cause loss of bolt load and necessitate re-torqueing.

For best performance the use of resilient metal seals with an optimized interface known as “metal to-metal” sealing is recommended. This concept places the seal in a groove or uses a spacer/limiter to control seal compression. It also provides a barrier wall to prevent blowout in high-pressure situations. The seal is protected and has its own energizing function for sealing and creep compensation. Once the metal-to-metal contact is made additional bolt load can be applied to address system factors without any risk to the seal.

Another important part of the metal-to-metal interface is the surface finish of the mating surfaces. While resilient metal seals are designed to have a pliable outer layer that layer is still not as soft as an elastomer seal. Therefore metal seals require a very specific surface finish depending on the seal material. The finish must be carefully specified for roughness and lay. metal seals typically require a circular lay that follows the seal circumference. This allows the soft outer layer to plastically deform and flow into the finish creating a sealing barrier. Any radial machining marks or scratches become potential leak paths.
Low leakage packing: Adopt packing-combined sealing system to ensure the leakage rate≤20PPM at maximum.the dynamic sealing structure is available if necessarywhich make the packing sealing under good condition and prolong the free maintenance period of packing.