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Floating Seat Bi-directional Laminated Seal Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Series 4100

SIZE RANGE: 4”~64”(DN100~DN1600)
PRESSURE RATINGS: 150Lb~600Lb(PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100)
CONNECTION: Double flange / Butt weld  / Lug / Wafer
OPERATION: Worm gear / Pneumatic actuator  / Electric actuator
BODY SEAT MATERIALS: A182 F6a Harden / A182 F316 Harden / A182 F316+STL electrode surfacing
APPLICATIOAN: Direct heating / Iron and steel smelting / Circulating cooling water / Power plants

• Bi-directional sealing zero leakage • Renewable seal • Surfacing STL seat • All metal seal • Floating seat •
Bi-directional sealing zero leakage: Under the pressure of medium sealing ring always close to the seat which has function to assure zero leakage in both hydrostatic or air test per API 598.
Renewable seal: The sealing ring and seat is assembled which ensure they can be separated respectively maintained and replaced after accidental damageit isn`t necessary to move the valve back to the factory or lange-scale decomposition of the valvejust need change the disc sealing ring and seatwhich not only greatly reduces the maintenance costsbut also greatly decreases the strength and difficulty of maintaining.
Surfacing STL seat: TIPBV triple offset valve  seat sealing surfaces surfacing stellite alloyits advantages are anti-wearanti-erosion and  assures a frictionless seal for high cycle and extended valve life.
All metal seal: Disc sealing ring is forged metal ring. When fully opening the scour of medium at high speed will not damage the valve which prolongs the working life.
Floating seat: Positive Seal: When the medium flows forward along the pipesealing ring engage to the Seat.
Reverse seal: When the medium flows backward along the pipeseat engage to the sealing ring after microscopic displacement.