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Inconel Overview

Nickel-chromium alloy is Incone1 alloy. The alloy contains some iron. The low iron content is called Incone1 alloy. Incone1 alloy has a much higher nickel content than stainless steel, so it has better corrosion resistance to hot alkali liquefaction than stainless steel and better high temperature corrosion resistance. Nickel-chromium alloys represented by Incone1600 contain chromium, so they have better corrosion resistance than nickel in oxidizing environments. Because of its high nickel content, it also has good corrosion resistance in the original environment.
Incone1 600 has good corrosion resistance to normal temperature sulfuric acid, various concentrations of normal temperature phosphoric acid, acetic acid, fatty acids and other organic acids. It can withstand the corrosion of dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride.
Incone1 600 cannot be used for high-temperature hydrofluoric acid and high-temperature high-concentration hydrochloric acid. It can cause stress corrosion in high-temperature strong alkali solutions. Therefore, the workpiece should try to eliminate stress.
Incone1 600 for high temperature water, antioxidant, hot alkali, hydrogen fluoride
Incone1 625 for reducing acids, resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion
Incone1 X750 for 650ºC
Incone1 718 for high temperatures
Incoloy 800 for high temperatures in petrochemicals