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Unidirectional Laminated Seal Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Series 3100

SIZE RANGE: 4”~80”(DN100~DN2000)
PRESSURE RATINGS: 150Lb~600Lb(PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100)
CONNECTION: Double flange / Butt weld  / Lug / Wafer
OPERATION: Worm gear / Pneumatic actuator  / Electric actuator
BODY SEAT MATERIALS: Body is seat / 13Cr electrode surfacing / SS304 electrode surfacing / SS316 electrode surfacing / STL electrode surfacing
DISC SEAL MATERIALS: SS316+Graphite,SS316+PTFE,Inconel 625+PTFE
APPLICATIOAN: Water treatment / Power plants / Steel industry

 • Bubble zero leakage • Renewable seal • Low friction • Best value for money •
Bubble zero leakage: Disc seal ring was achieved by torque force evenly loaded on disc laminated seal edge which has function to assure zero leakage in both hydrostatic or air test per API 598.
Renewable seal: Laminated sealing ring can be respectively maintained and replaced after accidental damageThis replaceable Seal ring allows for a dependable tight seal and a longer service life.
Low friction: The valve uses a three-cam structurethat means an angular cam is added to acommon metal hard seal bi-cam butterfly valve. This angular cam functions to have any point between the seal ring and the seat ring quickly separated off or contacted during the valve open and close action to leave a low fricion between the seal pairsthe sealing ring and seat relies on the coordination of sealing parts so it has lower friction and excellent wear resistance when opening and closingboth the disc and the body seat are perfectly roundthe disc doesn't touch the body-sealing surface until the valve is completely closed.soit is low wear
Best value for money: TIPBV Butterfly Valves provide the highest quality and best value available in the control industry. The unique design of these valves provides rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. So TIPBV reduces the cost of our customers while delivering the best valueindependent and internal tests have proven our superior service life capability with bubble-tight shutoff through over 100000 cycles.