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Tiangong maintains a fully implemented certified Quality Assurance and Quality control program
Tiangong’s Quality Goal: continuous improvement & Zero defect,can meet and even exceed the quality and service demands of customers.
We own a perfect quality management system,a quality assurance system and a customer service system, and implement over all quality management in the whole process. Every valve has a unique heat number to achieve traceability. All raw materials must be under the material composition and mechanical performance inspection before entering the production line to ensure the quality of each piece of materials, and nondestructive testing on valve pipes is necessary before and during raw material processing.All valves should be under body strength test, hydraulic pressure seal test and gas seal test one by one before leaving factory. Besides,If the valves are for specific applications or for special working conditions,more tests should be implemented, such as RT, DPI, MT, UT, spectral analysis, PMI, low leakage test, high & low temperature cycle test, life test, fire test, extra-cryogenic test, microstructure test, all type mechanical properties test, deoiling skim cleanness test etc, to guarantee all products are qualified before delivery.
There are also a third party certification authority and customer approval besides the internal severe quality management system and quality assurance system to ensure quality. Tiangong has been passed ISO9001,CE-PED,API6D,API607 certified. We are still focusing on the improvement of quality control and management capacity.

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